About Dana

About Dana

An Italian foodie with a passion for health, high-quality foods and real ingredients, Dana has always had a knack for cooking. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 18, Dana was faced with a new challenge of recreating all of her favourite recipes to be free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. She knew she couldn’t be the only person struggling with intolerances. Thus, Dana set out to help others with their gut health, diet, and to share her recipes on Instagram @WellnessWithDana.

This began Dana’s journey as a professional baker, recipe developer, food photographer and public speaker. As an advocate for IBD, Dana helps many with their diet and overcoming their diagnosis with autoimmune diseases.

Today, Dana is an Integrative Nutritionist.

She speaks publicly about her experience with Crohn’s Disease, educating and helping others to thrive in an otherwise difficult time in their life.

About  Wellness with Dana

Wellness with Dana takes a whole body approach to healing. Dana specializes in autoimmune diseases and digestive health, with Crohn’s and colitis being a large focus of her nutrition practice. 

Offering one-on-one and group programs, Dana’s services are unique to each individual. 

Dana believes that healthy food should not lack flavour. All of Dana’s recipes are the perfect harmony of health focused and taste bud approved!

Tidbit: Dana’s logo includes a spoon sweeping across the bottom. This spoon represents the nickname “spoonie”. This nickname comes from a beautiful theory that explains what it is like to live with a chronic illness. This is Dana’s ode to her chronic illness community, and her tie with Crohn’s disease. 


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