How to Prepare Your Stomach for Alcohol During the Holidays

How to Prepare Your Stomach for Alcohol During the Holidays

For many with IBD, alcohol doesn’t sit so well with our stomachs. After all, alcohol is an inflammatory, and we have an inflammatory condition, so the two don’t really get along!

However, there are some great ways to prep your stomach for alcohol. Here is what to do before & after consumption:

1) Don’t drink if you are not in remission. It will likely worsen your flare and/or symptoms. Simply sipping on kombucha helps feel as though you are enjoying a beverage without feeling left out.


2) A few days in advance, start taking Slippery Elm. Slippery Elm is capable of soothing the lining of your stomach and intestines and reducing irritation.


3) Focus on anti-inflammatory drinks/foods such as a creamy turmeric latte with cinnamon at breakfast, wild-caught salmon filet for dinner and ginger tea for dessert. Sipping on a cup of bone broth will go a long way as well.


4) Kombucha is your friend before, during and after alcohol consumption. It can improve your gut health. Drink it to strengthen your stomach prior to alcohol consumption, make a mixed drink with it during alcohol consumption, and rehydrate with it the next day.


I am in no way encouraging alcohol consumption and these tips do not guarantee that you will be free of a reaction from alcohol. They are here to help you strengthen your gut and best prepare for the effects of alcohol.


In good health,


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