IBD + Supporting Immunity

IBD + Supporting Immunity

IBD + Supporting Immunity

Having Crohn’s or colitis means that we have compromised immune systems. Pair that with the immune suppressing medications many of us are on, making our immune systems even more compromised. 

So, what does this mean when it comes to cold, flu and virus season? Especially during a time like now, where we are all trying to stay safe from COVID-19.

Well, first things first, you’re probably already a ninja at dodging colds and flus if you have IBD. We can become sick easier than the average person, and it is harder for us to fight off viruses, so you’ve probably learned a thing or two about how to avoid getting sick. 

Here are some essential tips: 

  1. Wash your hands immediately after entering your home. 
  2. Focus on colourful, nourishing foods – citrus is your best friend right now. Mangoes, oranges, berries, peppers, whatever you can tolerate.  
  3. Manage your stress levels. Stress weakens your immune system.
  4. Get quality sleep – 8 hours preferred.
  5. Focus on protein rich foods – Protein is vital to build and repair body tissue and fight viral and bacterial infections.
  6. Avoid refined sugars – they can weaken your immune system. 

Although these principles have always been important, the silver lining to the current COVID-19 pandemic is that everyone is becoming more aware of immunity and hand washing (hooray for the immune compromised individuals that secretly curse everyone who leaves their house while sick).

If you are sick, even with a slight sniffle, PLEASE, stay home and away from everyone else. Global pandemic or not. 

Those with a chronic illness fight everyday against their illness. Our bodies aren’t able to fight against anything more. 

Overall, these principles are essential year-round for your wellbeing. Always wash your hands thoroughly, eat a colourful diet, avoid refined sugars and sleep well. Especially right now! 

In good health,


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